Educational Objectives

The Purpose / Objectives of the Acupuncture Program is to create qualified and competent practitioners of acupuncture through student-centered educational structures and experiences that will result in the following competencies:

Student Objectives

Course description

AC111 Acupuncture Anatomy I 

The students will learn the location of 198 acupoints from the lung meridian to the bladder meridian. Relevant anatomical knowledge will also be taught.

Prerequisite: WM111 recommended

AC112  Acupuncture Anatomy II 

Continuation of AC111.

Prerequisite: WM111 recommended

AC211 Meridian Theory (4/40)

Basic concepts of Meridian Theory, including distribution of channels, branches and collaterals in the human body and their relationship with internal organs.

AC311 Acupuncture Physiology I 

The usage of regular and special acupuncture points and their traditional functions in treatment.

Prerequisite: AC111, AC211

AC312 Acupuncture Physiology II 

Continuation of AC311.

Prerequisite: AC112, AC211

AC321 Acupuncture Techniques I 

Introduces students to various acupuncture methods and safety, including needling, moxibustion, cupping, accident prevention, contraindications and clean needle techniques.

Prerequisite: AC311

AC322 Acupuncture Techniques II 

Continuation of AC321.

Prerequisite: AC321

AC411 Acupuncture Therapeutics I 

Student will discuss cases with topics including obstetrics, gynecology and diseases of the eyes, ears, nose and throat.

Prerequisite: AC311, AC312

AC412 Acupuncture Therapeutics II 

Continuation of AC411.

Prerequisite: AC311, AC312

AC421 Clinical Point Selection 

The selection of points and point combinations to treat various diseases and conditions.

Prerequisite: AC311, AC312